At Diamondbell, we understand the reservations customers may have about online shopping, especially when it comes to purchasing a piece of refurbished technology. Will the device arrive in one piece? Will it work as it should? What if there are issues? 

Your satisfaction is our priority. Diamondbell backs the reliability of our products with a 1 Year warranty, a hassle-free return policy, customer service that is ready to help you with any of your concerns, and should there be any issues, a repair service that will fix the problems. We offer more varieties of refurbished Apple products than other sites (even those “special” devices that you thought you would never find), and pride ourselves for having an accessible stock that is often available at over 50% off the retail price of the same product brand new. In fact, with access to resources to retain a very healthy inventory, we supply our customers with tens of thousands of devices per month – and, as an added bonus, we ship free throughout the United States.

Quality, variety, high level of friendly service, and value pricing – it’s a winning combination that you’re sure to love!